Proxy Access

Patients have the right to grant a carer, relative, responsible adult or partner access to their online services. The patient can limit which online services they want the nominated individual to access. Patients are to be advised that they should not share their own login details with anyone. The nominated individual will be issued with separate login details to access the online services for their partner, relative or person they are caring for.

To obtain proxy access a person must be registered for online access at Lockfield surgery where the patient they are acting for is registered.

The nominated individual is to complete the online services registration form. Should Lockfield surgery opt not to grant the person access to your individual record, the Admin Person will contact the patient and advise them of the reasons why this decision has been reached.

Parents may request proxy access to their child’s detailed care records until the child reaches the age of 11, when this will automatically cease. Subsequent proxy access will need to be authorised by the patient (subject to a competency test). In addition, parental proxy access may be reinstated if, after discussion with the parent(s) requesting access, the child’s GP believes that proxy access would be in the child’s best interest.